Scottish Company Launches Speyside Cask-Aged Tequilas

Innovations continue in this craft era: a new Scottish company has launched a line tequilas aged solely in ex-Speyside whisky casks.

UWA Tequila, which is headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, has released two out of three of its planned tequilas, which are 100% Blue Weber agave. These are a platinum blanco, and a seven-month aged Speyside whisky cask reposado. Both are 40% ABV and are recommended for mixing and sipping.

The company will also launch its 14-month añejo to the market in spring of next year.

Already experimenting with other casks unusual to the tequila industry, the company plans to add other products to its offering, including a cask strength reposado and añejo, both at 53%, in the near future.

The company exports Speyside whisky casks from Scotland to Tequila, Mexico, where the product is aged and bottled. The brand works in collaboration with a distillery in the town of Tequila, Mexico.


UWA Tequila’s tequilas are now available to pre-order online at


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