VoerzioMartini Piedmont Wines

HB Wine Merchants has announced the newsiest releases from VoerzioMartini.

These wines are from grapes indigenous to the Piedmont region of Italy. They are the result of veteran winemaker Gianni Voerzio teaming up with Mirko & Federica Martini.

The six wines are:

  • VoerzioMartini Langhe DOC Arneis ‘Bricco Cappellin’. 100% Arneis. Maceration of the Arneis lasts 12 hours using dry ice to extract maximum aromatics and color from the grapes, the company says. Dry ice keeps the wine from oxidizing—VoerzioMartini is one of the only wineries that uses this technique. notes of fresh melon on the nose. Fresh nectarine and peach notes on the palate, with a balance of acid and sweet, with a touch of soft minerality on the finish. SRP: $21.00.
  • VoerzioMartini Barbera d’Alba DOC ‘Ciabot della Luna’. 100% Barbera. Ruby red color with hints of purple tones. Red fruits on the nose —plum, blackberry, fresh jam. Notes of sweet fruit, vanilla and pomegranate on the palate. SRP: $30.00.
  • VoerzioMartini Barolo DOCG ‘Crù La Serra’. 100% Nebbiolo. Ruby red color. On the nose, strawberry jam married with blackberries and essence of vanilla. Rich with tannic balance, notes of cocoa and overripe on the palate. Aged in French oak for 24—30 months. SRP: $85.00.
  • VoerzioMartini Dolcetto d’Alba DOC ‘Rochettevino’. 100% Dolcetto. Lightly aged in stainless steel. Ruby red color with shades of deep purple. On the nose, hints of violet, black cherry and blueberry aromas. It is full and harmonic on the palate with silky tannins and a hint of minerality. SRP: $21.00. 
  • VoerzioMartini Langhe DOC Freisa ‘Lamorrina’. 100% Freisa. Deep shade of purple with ruby highlights. Rose and raspberry on the nose. Dry and lively—this wine delivers balanced acid and tannins, the company says. SRP: $23.00
  • VoerzioMartini Langhe DOC Nebbiolo ‘Ciabot della Luna’. 100% Dolcetto. Aging takes place in French oak for 6-8 months. Ruby red color with shades of purple. Aromas of rose, cherry pit and sage combined with red fruits. Red fruit, vanilla and sweet spice on the palate. “This is a big Nebbiolo—some might call it a Baby Barolo,” the company says. SRP: $30.00


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