Old Forester Cocktail Provisions

Old Forester has launched Cocktail Provisions – a collection of three bitters, two syrups and one tincture, designed to elevate cocktails into a craft experience.

Created by Louisville-based Bourbon Barrel Foods and Old Forester Master Taster and Bourbon Specialist Jackie Zykan, Cocktail Provisions are inspired by the flavor profiles of Old Forester. Taking the guesswork out of creating high-end cocktails, Zykan and Bourbon Barrel Foods have developed a cocktail line allowing consumers and trade to craft the perfect Old Fashioned, take the hassle out of Oleo-Saccharum syrup and elevate other cocktails.

The Old Forester Cocktail Provisions line includes:

  • Bitters (Old Forester Bourbon base). Suggested retail price: $11.50 per 2-fl. oz. bottle.
    • Bohemian Bitters: cherry tobacco
    • Smoked Cinnamon Bitters: baking spice and smoke
    • Hummingbird Bitters: citrus and floral
  • Syrups (sugar base). Suggested retail price: $8.50 per 2-fl. oz. bottle. Each makes four cocktails.
    • Perfect Old Fashioned Syrup: Demerara syrup with proprietary blend of three Old Forester bitters
    • Oleo-Saccharum Syrup: A cocktail ingredient created using a cold process to extract oil from citrus peels by immersing them in sugar; adds a bright citrus flavor profile
  • Tincture (water base). Suggested retail price: $7.50 per 2-fl. oz. bottle.
    • Salt and Pepper Tincture: Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt and Bourbon Smoked Pepper. Adds slight spice and dimension and tames bitter notes without texture of salt and pepper



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