Wild Roots Huckleberry Vodka

Wild Roots Spirits has released new vodka infused with huckleberries. Wild Roots Huckleberry Vodka uses 100% real fruit with no sugar added, the company says. It joins the lineup of vodkas infused with fresh fruit including Raspberry Vodka, Marionberry, Washington Apple and Cinnamon, Dark Sweet Cherry, NW Pear and NW Cranberry vodka.

Huckleberries are related to over 70 different berries — some white, some red, and some blue. Blueberries are in the same family. Huckleberries grow best in rich, acidic volcanic soils, at higher elevations and mountain ranges.

Wild Roots Huckleberry Vodka has the juiciness of a blueberry, the tartness of a cranberry and the color of a raspberry, the company says. The vodka is 70 proof. The suggested retail price is $24.95 – $29.95 per 750-ml. bottle.


“Commercial Huckleberry products are full of sugar, mostly because they are in pies, jams, syrups and ice cream,” says Chris Joseph, founder of Wild Roots Vodka. “With Wild Roots we stay true to the fruit. We don’t try to make a flavor; we let the fruit do that for us.”

Founded in 2012 in Portland, OR, Wild Roots Vodka uses one pound of locally sourced berries in every bottle, the company says.




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