Molson Coors Reports 0.2% Growth, $11 Billion In Sales In 2017

Times are tough for macro beer brands, and Molson Coors recently reported a nearly flat 0.2% global growth in 2017 for $11 billion in total sales.

The report included fourth-quarter statistics. U.S. domestic sales-to-retailers volume (STRs) declined 3 percent for the quarter, driven by lower volume in the Premium Light segment. Domestic sales-to-wholesalers volume (STWs) decreased 1.5 percent.

In a call with investors, Molson Coors president and CEO Mark Hunter reportedly said that Blue Moon increased in sales every quarter in 2017. The company’s craft beer assets — Terrapin, Revolver, Hop Valley and Saint Archer — also grew in 2017, according to Hunter.


Leinenkugel saw minor growth, driven in large part by a noteable seasonal spike for the brand’s Summer Shandy.

Domestic net sales per hectoliter, which excludes contract brewing and company-owned-distributor sales, grew 1.4 percent as a result of higher net pricing, the company says, partially offset by negative sales mix.


Worldwide volume increased 1% for Molson Coors in 2017.


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