Bollicini Sparkling Cuvée and Rosé Canned Wine

Mionetto USA has entered the sparkling wine can category in the U.S. with Italian brand, Bollicini.

Bollicini offers two 187-ml., single-serving-size canned wines: Cuvée and Rosé. The wines are blends of Italian varietals, with crisp fruit flavors, the company reports.

According to Nielsen, Bollicini is a top three sparkling wine can brand, a category that has seen three-digit growth of 140 percent in the past year.


“We believe the millennial wine consumer’s demand for innovation is driving this growth.” says Mionetto USA Managing Director and CEO, Enore Ceola. “This generation is particularly experimental and conscious of social responsibility. Cans are increasingly popular for multiple reasons: convenience, versatility and portability.”

Bollicini is available nationally in four-packs, at a suggested retail price of $12 per pack.




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