St-Rémy Updated Packaging

The French Brandy brand St-Rémy has unveiled new packaging that pays homage to its heritage.

The redesign follows the recent rediscovery in the St-Rémy archives of a long forgotten heraldic lion. The brandy’s new look now includes the “walking lion” symbol to demonstrate the St-Rémy ethos.

In addition, “the new designs in 2018 of the VSOP and XO support the St- Rémy strategy to continue to create value within the brandy market. This major design uplift aims to reinforce St-Rémy’s quality leadership and shelf standout, and moreover the opportunity to implement a full brand relaunch,” says Jean-Denis Voin, CEO Liqueurs & Spirits Division at Rémy Cointreau.


The St-Rémy brand relaunch includes new key visuals of the bottles surrounded by golden halos of light, to emphasis the brand’s regal history, associated with its namesake Saint Remegius, a bishop who baptized Clovis, the first King of France.




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