Sapporo Releases Larger Can Format

Sapporo, among the best-selling Asian beer brands in the U.S., has announced today the release of Sapporo Premium in a new 16-oz. (473 ml.) version of the Sapporo can.

The new package will join Sapporo’s existing product line and will be available nationwide to consumers just in time for summer.

The launch of Sapporo Premium’s 16-oz. cans will help expand points of distribution and offer consumers more variety, the company says.


Along with its new size, the can will feature a matte finish and a black stay-on tab in the shape of the signature Sapporo star.

“We are seeing a large shift in the industry as more and more brands are turning to canned offerings,” says Director of Marketing Jiro Ohkawa. “We have always been known for our iconic silver can; we wanted to be able to further fit our customer’s needs and enter new distribution points.”


The Sapporo Premium 16-oz. can will be added to the current Sapporo collection which includes Sapporo Premium (available in 12-oz. bottles, 16-oz. bottles, 20.3-oz. bottles, 12-oz. cans and 22-oz. cans), Sapporo Premium Black (22-oz. can), Sapporo Reserve (12-oz. bottles, 22-oz. can) and Sapporo Premium Light (12 oz. bottles).


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