La Pivón Spanish Vermouth

3 Badge Beverage Corporation has entered the vermouth category with the introduction of La Pivón, a vermouth from Spain.

La Pivón Rojo and La Pivón Blanco are both available this month.

Ideal as craft cocktail mixers as well as aperitifs for sipping on the rocks, La Pivón aims for classic Spanish vermouth flavors. La Pivón Rojo and La Pivón Blanco are made with the airén and malvar wine grapes grown in Spain. The herbal portion of La Pivón starts with a “mother” from a previous batch, before a proprietary mix of local herbs and flavors are added to the blend to sit for a full day. The liquid is then filtered and bottled.

La Pivón is a Spanish slang term meaning “a very attractive person,” and it was chosen as the brand name to “highlight the beauty of the flavors found in this vermouth,” the company says.

The suggested retail price for La Pivón is $29 per 750-ml. bottle.

La Pivón is available from 3 Badge Mixology, the spirits division of 3 Badge Beverage Corporation.



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