Harleston Green Scotch

The founders of Edgewater Spirits have launched a new Scotch: Harleston Green.

Harleston Green is made of single malts aged between 4-5 years, matured in oak barrels, predominantly from The Highlands and Speyside, and aged Scottish grain whiskies.

The goal was to create a whisky that could stand on its own neat, on the rocks or with water, the company says, as well become “the house preferred scotch” at bars and restaurants.


“This blended Scotch Whisky commemorates the moment in 1786 when a group of Scottish merchants gathered with sticks and balls at Harleston Green, America’s first golf club, and introduced America to one of Scotland’s two greatest exports,” the company says.

The suggested retail price is $24.99 per 750-ml. bottle.



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