Sazerac Partners with Casa San Matias on New Mezcal Line

In partnership with Casa San Matias and a group of mezcaleros in Oaxaca, Sazerac is launching a new family of mezcals called Los Vecinos del Campo.

These spirits are produced by 10 families in the Valles Centrales of Oaxaca. The name Los Vecinos del Campo is a nod to those families and their communities, as it translates to “Neighbors of the Field.”

“The mezcaleros use locally grown and hand-harvested agave and slow-roast the agave hearts, or piñas, underground to create the smoky-sweet artisanal mezcals,” the company says. “The piñas are crushed using a stone molino, then naturally fermented in wooden vats, and, finally, double distilled using copper pot stills.”


Los Vecinos del Campo will first release its “Espadin” expression in several markets. Two other expressions, “Tobala” and “Ensamble No. 1,” will release in 2019.

At 90 proof, Los Vecinos Espadin stands up well in cocktails, the company reports, and also can be sipped neat. To the taste, Espadin is all spice up front, moving to roasted tropical fruits, young ginger and green bell peppers.


Los Vecinos Espadin is available in 750ml bottles at a suggested retail price of $34.



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