Owner of Henry’s Drive Vignerons Launches New Australian Wine Label

Kim Longbottom, who has been the sole owner of Australia’s Henry’s Drive Vignerons since the death of her husband Mark ten years ago, announced that she has turned the page to the next chapter of her wine life with the creation of Vintage Longbottom.

This new enterprise formally introduces Kim’s daughter Margo Longbottom to the wine industry, though she is no stranger to it. Margo was raised alongside the vines that her parents owned and is a witness to her mother’s successful running of the family’s winery and brands after her father tragically lost his battle with leukemia.

Vintage Longbottom will shift the focus from their home-base property and vineyard in South Australia’s Padthaway region to McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills. It is from these two regions that the Longbottom women will source sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and shiraz for their wines that will continue in the Henry’s Drive and “H” labels.

“This new era in the Longbottom story is all about the vitality of family,” Kim says. “I welcome Margo as a partner that brings a family-instilled passion for wine, as well as a vibrant new outlook stemming from her studies in fashion, digital marketing and business. It’s more than just having someone to ‘share the load’ – it’s a genuine fresh start, with Margo adding a young, informed perspective to the company and to the new vintages that will reflect the transition.”

Under the new Vintage Longbottom branding, The “H” Series will feature a contemporary label update, the company says. The three “H” wines will have a suggested retail price of $39.99, while the two Henry’s Drive will retail for approximately $49.99, and Magnus is priced at $79.99.

Fine-wine importer Quintessential has brought Kim’s wines into the U.S. for more than ten years.

“Kim Longbottom is among the most forward-thinking and creative people working in the wine industry today,” says Dennis Kreps, who co-owns Quintessential with his father, Stephen D. Kreps. “Her elegant wines always exuded a definite ‘sense of place’ and were well-positioned to take advantage of consumers discovering the great diversity of Australian wines.”


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