LIQS Ready-to-drink Shots Enters 5 More States

The premium, ready-to-drink shots brand LIQS Cocktail Shot has announced an expansion into five new markets.

This new expansion includes Arizona, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin.

LIQS launched in late 2014 as early pioneers in the premium RTD category with multi-flavored shots, and added wine-based cocktail shots late last year for accounts that are unable to sell distilled spirits due to having only a beer and wine license. These new wine-based shots are a category-exclusive product, the company says, which gives over 150,000 convenience stores the ability to sell a shot product for the first time ever.


“It took us four years to reach one million shots sold, and we’ve been able to increase that by 100% in just one year,” says Harley Bauer, who co-founded the brand with Michael Glickman.

LIQS flavors include Vodka Lychee & Grapefruit, Tequila Cinnamon & Orange, Whiskey Fireshot and more.


As part of this new expansion, LIQS will now be available in 16 U.S. states, with international expansion to Japan coming this June.

LIQS is also now offering a larger pack at the request of both retailers and consumers, the company says. Rather than the previous package of three premixed shots, the new sleeves offer four 50-ml. shots for a suggested retail price of $8.99.

LIQS plastic shot glasses are recyclable and reusable.


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