Hpnotiq Liqueur Retro Branding

Hpnotiq Liqueur, the spirits brand known for its electric blue hue, will bring back its original packaging that gained notoriety in hip-hop artist Joseph “Fat Joe” Cartagena’s Lean Back music video.

The limited-edition “OG” Bottle is available nationally in a 750-ml. bottle, and in select markets as a 375-ml. flask and 50-ml. bottle.

The OG package utilizes the original Hpnotiq logo and blue hue made famous when Hpnotiq burst onto the scene in the early 2000’s. The OG program will also include retail support with a boom box display piece, Fat Joe partnership posters, and retro-logo point-of-sale.


“Hpnotiq is excited to partner with Fat Joe almost two decades after the original success of this unique duo within music and nightlife,” says MaryCrae Guild, Hpnotiq Brand Manager. “Hpnotiq is paying homage to its roots while also celebrating the brand’s future as it continues to grow within the segment.”

As a unique part of Hpnotiq’s history, the brand is partnering with Fat Joe to release a comedic “OG” video series imagining Fat Joe as the brand’s “Creative Director.” The OG campaign provides fans with a taste of nostalgia while enjoying the cultural relevancy of Fat Joe’s latest hits as a rapper, actor and entrepreneur, the company says.


A blend of fruit juices, French Cognac and a touch of vodka, Hpnotiq is growing at six percent nationally, the company says. Hpnotiq is 17% ABV.


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