21 Seeds Flavored Tequila

21 Seeds is a new, women-owned brand of naturally infused flavored tequilas. It comes in three initial flavors: cucumber jalapeño, grapefruit hibiscus, and valencia orange.

Founded by sisters Kat Hantas and Nicole Hantas-Emanuel, and their friend Sarika Singh, 21 Seeds “empowers an audience of Millennial women to connect across borders, share ideas, and make every drink and every moment special,” the company says. The brand began as an idea in Hantas’ home, when she decided to mix natural ingredients directly into tequila to add flavor. “She shared her infused drink around the neighborhood, and its popularity made clear that she was onto something bigger,” the company says.

The trio of founders now works with their partner distillery Casa Maestri on this product.

The branding aesthetic is purposely feminine, the company says: fun and light.

The suggested retail price is $32.99 per 750-ml. bottle.




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