Newground Hard Dutch Lattes

Fundamental Beverages today announced the launch of Newground Hard Dutch Lattes.

These ready–to–drink malt beverages are infused with real coffee or tea, Dutch cream and alcohol. Imported from Holland, the beverages are available in two flavors: Hard Dutch Cafe Latte, and Hard Dutch Chai Latte. Newground uses nitro technology.

With coffee flavors mellowed by a smooth sweetness, the Cafe Latte is crafted with caffeine to provide an jolt, the company says. The caffeine–free Chai Latte balances vanilla notes, black tea and natural spices.

“Inspired by the Dutch philosophy of living every day to its full potential, we jumped headfirst into developing a brand that breaks new ground and created an entirely new RTD category,” says Phil Rooney, CEO of Newground. “Newground Hard Dutch Lattes are versatile enough to be enjoyed anytime, from a post-night-out brunch to a much-needed afternoon kickstart or end of day sweet satisfaction. We’re excited to share a taste of Holland with the U.S. and introduce hard lattes to the market.”

At 5% ABV, Newground is a sessionable beverage to be enjoyed on its own or mixed with a harder spirit.


Available now at select retailers in Georgia and Pennsylvania, including Circle K and Publix, Newground can be purchased as singles and four–packs of 6.7-oz. cans (SRP: $2.99 – $3.49 and $11.99 – $13.99, respectively).

Newground will continue to roll out throughout the year in select states across the U.S.


  1. I had one at my sisters home when I visited her in PA. I live in Central NY. I would love to be able to order this and have it sent to me. Is that possible?


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