Writer’s Tears Unveils 2019 Cask Strength Irish Whiskey

The Irish whiskey brand Writer’s Tears has unveiled its 2019 cask strength offering.

Only 2,580 bottles are available globally — with 1,200 set aside for the U.S.

The 2019 Writer’s Tears Cask Strength Whiskey vintage is the 9th annual release of this expression from Walsh Whiskey. It is a vatting of aged single pot still and single malt whiskey. The release is triple distilled, non-chill filtered, aged in bourbon barrels and bottled at 53% ABV.

On the nose is spice alongside natural sweetness, the company reports, plus notes of cracked black pepper. The palate contains hints of roasted walnuts, honeyed oats, sugary raisins and apricot, while the finish is salted caramel with lingering sweetness.

The suggested retail price is around $144 per 750-ml. bottle.



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