Bearcat Infused Bourbon

Bearcat Infused Bourbon, an 80-proof infused bourbon whiskey, has announced added distribution throughout the Midwest, with plans for nationwide expansion later this year.

Currently available in four states including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the brand will launch throughout Illinois in liquor stores and select Walmart locations this month, including Des Plaines, Urbana, Plainfield, Naperville, Peoria and more.

Bearcat Infused Bourbon offers two infused options: Orange Peel with Spice and Espresso with Aromatic Bitters. These are infused with 100% natural ingredients.


The Espresso has aromas and flavors of roasted espresso beans, while the Orange Peel has a fresh citrus aroma, and mild cinnamon and anise flavors at the end.

The ‘Bearcat’ name refers to Prohibition-era female bootleggers. “Bearcat Infused Bourbon honors the untold history and influence that women have in American whiskey making,” says founder Mark Szumowski. “From colonial housewives operating the still, to Prohibition Bootleggers (featured on the back of the bottle) and the master distillers of today, women had a tremendous impact, and it embodies our team spirit.”


Szumowski is joined by CEO Jason Kane, who brings more than 30 years of experience to the brand, including serving as President of Mark Anthony Brands, where he helped develop Mike’s Hard Lemonade for the Canadian and U.S. markets. Bearcat Infused Bourbon is distilled in Owensboro, Kentucky, and bottled in Missouri. However, all operations will be moved to Kentucky later this year.

For a full listing of locations where Bearcat Infused Bourbon is available, visit


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