Golden Moon Gun Fighter 13 Tennessee Bourbon – Orphan Cask

Golden Moon Distillery in Golden, CO, has put out its 2019 release of Gun Fighter 13 Tennessee Bourbon – Orphan Cask.

This new Golden Moon expression aged for more than 13 years in new American white oak barrels. “Gun Fighter 13 is an incredibly smooth and full-bodied whiskey that will appeal to the most discerning whiskey drinker,” the company says.

Gun Fighter 13 is 100 proof. The suggested retail price is $99 per 750-ml. bottle. It’s available at retail locations in NY, CO, CA, GA — and nationally online by end of year.


Golden Moon Distillery Master Distiller Stephen Gould says he is on track to launch Gun Fighter 13’s sister expression, Gun Fighter 15 Tennessee Bourbon – Orphan Cask, this December.



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