Square One Organic Mixers

The makers of Square One Organic Spirits have release of a portfolio of certified-organic cocktail mixers.

“As the market for craft cocktails and convenience grows, along with consumer desire for higher quality and more complex cocktail options, a line of cocktail mixers handcrafted with Square One’s respect for the ingredients was a natural extension for us,” says Allison Evanow, founder and CEO, Square One Organic Spirits.

Available nationally, the Square One Organic Cocktail Mixers portfolio includes:

  • Bloody Mary – Organic, vegan and gluten free (SRP: $9.99 per 750-ml.)
  • Lively Lemon – Organic, vegan, gluten free and 50 calories per three-oz. serving. 68% juice content. 11 grams of sugar.  (SRP: $9.99 750-ml.)
  • Luscious Lime – Organic, vegan, gluten free and 45 calories per three-oz. serving. 56% juice content. Nine grams of sugar. (SRP: $9.99 750-ml.)
  • Pink Daisy – Organic, vegan and gluten free, (pomegranate and lemon) (SRP: $9.99 750-ml.)
  • Spicy Ginger Syrup – Organic, vegan and gluten free (SRP: $11.99 750-ml.)

Square One Organic Mixers are shelf stable for 18 months and 30 days refrigerated after opening.



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