Baltimore Spirits Company Skeleton Spirit Gin

Baltimore Spirits Company announced that they will release their first expansion of the Shot Tower Gin line since they began distillation in 2015.

The new Shot Tower Skeleton Spirit Gin will come out Nov. 1, with a Halloween dance party at their distillery in the Union Collective, and will be available in many Maryland liquor stores starting the same day.

Skeleton Spirit Gin is 90 proof/45% ABV, and will retail for $32.99 per 750-ml. bottle. Baltimore Spirits Company has plans to make the gin available nationally starting next year.


The Skeleton Spirit Gin is Baltimore Spirit Company’s second-ever botanical gin recipe, and is made using juniper, eucalyptus, aloe vera and 11 other ingredients. Its light blue color makes it easily distinguishable from other gins, the company says, and is meant to evoke an ethereal, otherworldly vibe reflected in its marketing. The flavor is described as aromatic and cooling with a notably herbaceous finish.

“We wouldn’t have considered releasing a new gin unless we were sure we had something really special on our hands,” says Baltimore Spirits Company Co-Founder and CEO Max Lents. “We wouldn’t want to compete with Shot Tower Gin, so it had to be something remarkable, and completely different on the gin spectrum. We think everyone will want both.”



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