Aerstone Single Malt Scotch Whisky

William Grant & Sons has announced the U.S. launch of a 10-year-old single malt Scotch whisky, Aerstone.

The brand is available in two expressions – Sea Cask 10 Year Old and Land Cask 10 Year Old.

This new range aims to simplify the taste messaging of the single malt category and help new single malt drinkers navigate flavors easily through clear taste descriptors on the bottle and corresponding packaging. The range showcases two different styles of whisky under the same brand, meant for consumers to more easily understand the spectrum of flavors and demystify the traditional – and often complex – language associated with Scotch.


“William Grant & Sons has long been known for our premium Scotch portfolio, and we wanted to create a brand that offers a great everyday single malt while also giving some basic category education,” explains Kate Massey, senior brand manager for innovation in the U.S. “We recognize that for some consumers, whisky can seem complex and intimidating. With Aerstone we want to break down some of those barriers and invite existing drinkers and new entrants to learn about all the different flavors and styles of single malt Scotch.”

Sea Cask, described as ‘smooth and easy’ on the packaging, is a classic Speyside-style single malt with nutty vanilla notes. This whisky develops its character from the time spent aging in warehouses located close to the sea on the Ayrshire coast, giving the whisky a subtle salty note on the finish, the company reports. Land Cask, on the other hand, is described as ‘rich and smoky’ and is a peated single malt using highland peat in the malting. This whisky’s flavors are developed in warehouses located further inland, allowing the smoky notes to shine through, the company says.


The packaging, developed in conjunction with Here Design in London, aims to help consumers clearly understand what each whisky might taste like without focusing on the more typical – and often ambiguous – whisky analogies for flavor.

Aerstone Land Cask and Aerstone Sea Cask are both 40% ABV with a suggested retail price of $28.99 per 750-ml. bottle.


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