Copper & Kings Northern Soul American Apple Brandy

Louisville-based Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. has announced its latest barrel-finished, pure copper pot-distilled American apple brandy, “Northern Soul.”

This expression is a limited release aged in Michigan hard cider casks from Michigan cidery, Vander Mill.

The apple brandy is 57 months old, including 14 months of finishing in Vander Mill sixty-gallon hard cider casks, following an original 43 months in Kentucky bourbon barrels.


Double-distilled using fermented fresh-pressed apple juice from Michigan, the spirit is non-chill filtered, nor adulterated with apple flavors, apple essences, boisé (oak flavor or infusion) or caramel color. 

“We are tremendously proud of our apple brandy, and as proud of the wonderful fruit that we source exclusively in Michigan,” says Copper & Kings Master Distiller, Brandon O’Daniel. “We make an old school apple brandy, double-distilled Michigan apple wine fermented in Michigan to our unique specifications using fresh pressed apple juice. We don’t mess with it in terms of adding apple flavors, essences or caramel colors – this is it – distilled Michigan with a touch of K. E .N. tuckee. This apple brandy is very true to the fruit. Full on apple on the nose, and it has some nice red skin tannins and a little brown sugar. But really its authentic apple brandy from the tip of your tongue to the back of your throat. The Vander Mill cider casks not only add polish, but also some apple density. It’s a juicy start, with some light oak tannins and caramel, honey, then finishes slightly dry.”


Vander Mill Cider was established in 2006 and is a founding member of the Michigan Cider Association.

Northern Soul American Apple Brandy is 111 proof and retails for $65 per 750-ml. bottle. It is available as a collaborative single barrel selection at Tippins Market in Ann Arbor and Smitty’s Specialty Beverage in Grand Rapids. It is also available across Copper & Kings distribution footprint in Michigan, as well as at the distillery.


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