Diageo Campaign Supports Safe Drinking During Holiday Season

Join the Pact - To never Drive Impaired

Diageo North America has unveiled its new #JOINTHEPACT social media campaign in an effort to prevent drunk driving during the holiday season.

This program supports the company’s global ambition to collect 50 million pledges to never drive impaired.

Leveraging statistics about the effects of drunk driving, and underpinned by the value of “freedom,” the campaign encourages consumers to exercise their own right to make important life-saving choices, including a pledge to never drive impaired.


“The notion of freedom is a privilege, and the need for positive thinking and action is essential,” says Caroline Rhodes, VP, corporate relations, Diageo North America. “With these insights packed into a highly visual, emotive and easy to engage with campaign, centering on the greatest freedom of them all — our right to stay alive — we are confident consumers will connect to this message, and pledge to Join The Pact to never drive impaired.”

“Although drunk driving is at an historic low in the United States, the reality is that one in three drunk driving fatalities happen during the holidays, and we believe that a single accident caused by drunk driving is one too many and can be prevented,” Rhodes adds.


In a series of real-life scenarios with people exercising their freedom to live their lives the way they want — whether it’s at a special celebration or throughout daily activities — the campaign’s narrative thread shows people raising their hands in different ways as a symbol of that freedom. As each story unfolds and raises awareness about the effects of drunk driving with statistics, the campaign invites consumers to also exercise their freedom to make life-saving choices, such as planning different transportation options or to simply walk, instead of deciding to drive.

The campaign will be activated across social media (Instagram and Twitter) with three videos targeting young adults of legal drinking age.

In 2008, Diageo launched its flagship program #JOINTHEPACT as part of its efforts to prevent drunk driving around the world. Since then, and supported by a wide range of the company’s brands, the initiative has been activated in over 40 countries across five continents. More than 20 million adults around the world have already committed to never drive impaired.

To learn more about #JOINTHEPACT or pledge to never drive impaired, visit: jointhepact.com/en-us/.


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