Courvoisier Announces Avant-Garde Bourbon Cask Edition

Courvoisier Cognac has unveiled the latest release in the Courvoisier Avant-Garde Series: Bourbon Cask Edition.

Available for a limited time, this expression is Courvoisier VS liquid finished in ex-Kentucky Bourbon casks.

“We’re thrilled to release Avant-Garde Bourbon Cask Edition, a first-of-its-kind expression for the House of Courvoisier,” says Stephanie Kang, senior marketing director for Courvoisier. “With the help of our local artisans and winegrowers in our hometown of Jarnac, we were able to develop an innovation that is sure to appeal to cognac and bourbon drinkers alike.”


Courvoisier Avant-Garde Bourbon Cask Edition is the first expression within the Avant-Garde series to be released for a limited time. Aging in bourbon casks creates a velvety finish with tasting notes of vanilla, honey and sweet marmalade, the company reports.

This new product will be available at a suggested retail price of $39.99 for a 750-ml. bottle. Courvoisier Avant-Garde Bourbon Cask Edition is 80 proof.



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