El Mayor Tequila New Branding

El Mayor Tequila has debuted a refreshed look. The brand has updated their logo and launched new packaging.

The new bottle features embossed details around the neck and base, in addition to a completely redesigned front and back label. Also, the new El Mayor Tequila bottle is topped with a natural cork featuring a modernized brand logo.

“When El Mayor was on the shelf, it was at times difficult to read the logo as the bottle was often turned to the side given its previous unique shape,” says McKenna Burst, brand manager. “The new bottle allows the product to be more ‘shelf-friendly’ and really highlights the premium qualities of this line of tequila. Don’t worry, the tequila inside is still the same, high-quality product.”


The redesigned bottle and label will apply to the El Mayor family of products, including El Mayor Blanco, El Mayor Reposado, El Mayor Añejo and El Mayor Extra Añejo.

“The new bottle shape is more timeless – slightly vintage yet always in fashion and easy to grab and pour,” says David Cole, designer. “The label is soft and textured, with a hand-drawn image of the agave piña and a coa knife, relating back to the real people and places involved in making tequila.”


The new packaging will be available nationally this summer and was first seen at the Honda Classic Golf Tournament in West Palm Beach, where El Mayor was the Official Tequila of the tournament.


  1. You are WAY outta touch , i am & have been a Tequila Broker for OVER 35 years & have been to many Distillers in Mexico , there has NEVER been a problem with the Original design of the Bottle it was if Anything VERY Unique , now it’s the same as Many Other Tequila Brands with a SQUARE Bottle (Wow Big Deal) , NOTHING Different OR Unique Or Timeless about it in anyway……in This Business its NOT MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO !!!!!!!!!! i Don’t even represent this Tequila BUT Do Drink IT as one of my Fav’s….. FYI , The ‘ Natural Cork ‘ is a VERY BAD IDEA That’s why SOOOOOO Many have moved away from it , NOTHING Pisses a cust. off Worse than getting ‘Cork’ dropping in there Tequila…..tequilatony atl. ga.


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