Spyk’d Hard Seltzer

Fort Myers Brewing Company has launched the area’s first line of locally crafted spiked seltzer beverages, Spyk’d Hard Seltzer.

This new spiked seltzer is brewed naturally gluten free with all-natural flavorings, fermented just like Fort Myers Brewing’s other craft brews. The spiked beverage contains 5% ABV with 90 calories, 0 carbs and 0 sugar per 12-oz. pour.

“Our line of Spyk’d Hard Seltzers has been a labor of love as we spent two years crafting and perfecting our hard seltzer recipe,” says Rob Whyte, who co-founded Fort Myers Brewing in 2013 with his wife, Jen. “Now, we’re thrilled to share a series of deliciously refreshing flavors at our tasting room and throughout the region.”


More than a half-dozen flavors are rotating in Fort Myers Brewing’s tap room, including orange, black cherry, pineapple, watermelon, mojito, mango, peach, strawberry lime and lemon lime. Six-packs of orange and strawberry lime Spyk’d Hard Seltzer are also now available at select retail establishments in the area.

“The endless support and encouragement from our community inspires our team to keep innovating and introducing new flavors in our tasting room that will please the palate of any beer-lover,” says Jen Whyte. “We’re proud and thankful for the opportunity to diversify our offering of craft beverages, and we hope you’ll enjoy Spyk’d as much as we do!”




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