White Claw Releases 5 New Flavors

The market-defining brand White Claw Hard Seltzer has announced a number of new flavors.

These hard seltzers include the trio of Tangerine, Watermelon and Lemon. They are the first flavors debuted by the brand in more than 16 months, and join White Claw Mango in an all-new, 12-can variety pack, available now at retailers nationwide.  

“Since our launch in 2016, we have only launched six flavors — it takes time to perfect a liquid worthy to bear the White Claw name,” says Phil Rosse, president, White Claw Seltzer Works. “In the last year, tens and thousands of eager and passionate consumers took to social media requesting new flavors, and we listened.”

White Claw also recently announced the launch of White Claw 70.

The new variety pack joins White Claw Flavor Collection No. 1, a top-selling variety pack.

White Claw also recently announced the launch of White Claw 70. These are a 3.7% ABV, with 70 calories each, and no carbs or sugars. White Claw 70 is available in 6-packs of two flavors: pineapple and clementine.

Each standard White Claw Hard Seltzer has 100 calories and 2 grams of sugar per 12-oz. serving, and is 5% ABV. White Claw Hard Seltzer is made with a blend of seltzer water, a gluten-free alcohol base and a hint of fruit flavor.

The latest additions join Black Cherry, Ruby Grapefruit, Natural Lime, Raspberry, Mango and Pure Hard Seltzer.


  1. Where can I buy the new variety pack of lemon, watermelon, tangerine, and mango. I live in Lyndhurst ohio and i have been looking for 2 weeks now!

  2. we will have them in about 3 years the process of making the can into pack takes too much time getting it verfiyed in our headquater and all selling locations.

    • I just want a single flavor… the verity packs cause me to drink stuff I don’t want and don’t like or simply waste it… can’t we get a 6 or 12 pack of limon or at least citrus?

  3. MAKE INDIVIDUAL PACKS PERIOD!! Or stop changing your variety packs. I am the biggest white claw drinker embarrassingly so honestly. I buy number two pack more than anyone I know. I’m obsessed with tangerine and lemon and luckily my husband loves watermelon and passion fruit. Now I’m just straight up angry you removed tangerine with peach with out just selling every flavor individually. Number one pack sucks, no one wants those flavors anymore period. Stop making people spend money on your product in variety packs only its annoying af


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