Vizzy Hard Seltzer

First announced in December, the Molson Coors brand Vizzy Hard Seltzer is now available nationwide. This new hard seltzer is also the first to feature antioxidant vitamin C, the company says.

The four initial flavors of Vizzy are Pineapple Mango, Black Cherry Lime, Blueberry Pomegranate and Strawberry Kiwi.

Vizzy is gluten free and 100 calories, 1 gram of sugar and 5% ABV. This hard seltzer is made with the acerola cherry, an antioxidant vitamin C-rich superfruit.


“The hard seltzer category is becoming more crowded with many brands following the same playbook,” says Elizabeth Hitch, director of hard seltzers. “We created Vizzy to have all of the things the other hard seltzers have but with a meaningful addition that drinkers actually care about, antioxidant vitamin C.”




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