Dos Equis Cans Lime & Salt Beer

Dos Equis Lime & Salt

Dos Equis has long been consumed with lime and salt. The brand now puts this classic combination into a can for Dos Equis Lime & Salt.

This new product, inspired by the on-premise drinking ritual, is Dos Equis Lager with a hint of natural fruit flavors and a touch of lime and salt.

Lime & Salt will be available in 24-oz. cans in select markets starting this November, followed by 12-oz. 6-packs beginning in spring of 2021.


The new brew is line-priced with Dos Equis Lager.

This latest innovation from Dos Equis is a huge opportunity within Mexican Imports,” says Ligia Patrocinio, senior brand director, Dos Equis. “Lime flavored beer attracts different shoppers than traditional beer, and lime is the second largest flavor in beer behind chelada. Lime & Salt will bring new users into the Dos Equis franchise and new shoppers into stores.”


“Mexican flavored beer represents only 2.7% of Mexican beer sales versus the 21.2% that all other flavored beer represents of all other beer sales,” Patrocinio adds. “To us and our retailer partners, this represents a huge opportunity gap that Lime & Salt is aiming to fill. With a perfect match of aroma and flavor, the lime comes across without a lingering aftertaste and with just a touch of salt. We have a winner!” 

The launch in seven U.S. markets (TX, NM, AZ, CA, OK, FL, LA) is supported with digital and social media, outdoor advertising and DJ radio reads to provide local endorsement. A full suite retail tools for large- and small-store formats are available, including pole toppers, tuck cards, shelf wobblers and cooler decals. 



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