uKeg Twist Hard Seltzer Maker

GrowlerWerks uKeg Twist Hard Seltzer Maker
uKeg Twist Hard Seltzer Maker.

Hard seltzer sales are on the rise and new brands continue to enter the market — but how about a hard seltzer maker?

This spring, GrowlerWerks has announced the launch of the uKeg Twist Hard Seltzer Maker.

Here’s how consumers can make a fully customized seltzer:

  1. Add water plus the ingredients you want (booze, fresh fruit, natural flavors, etc.)
  2. Drop and twist an 8g CO2 cartridge in the cap
  3. Give it a shake and then consume 

The result is cold, fresh, fizzy seltzer, the company says.

Consumers can sip directly from the uKeg Twist, or dispense into glasses with the push of a button.


A Kickstarter campaign for the uKeg Twist launches at the end of this month


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