Chandon Garden Spritz

Chandon Garden Spritz
Chandon Garden Spritz.

Chandon has announced its first foray into the category of ready-to-drink sparkling aperitifs with the debut of Chandon Garden Spritz.

A balance of bubbles, bitters and botanicals with no artificial flavors or colors, Chandon Garden Spritz takes Chandon’s sparkling wine and adds a house-made “Garden liqueur,” made by Chandon’s winemaking team in Argentina. This liqueur contains locally sourced Valencia oranges, fresh herbs and spices.

Chandon Garden Spritz is ready to serve and share immediately upon popping the cork, ideally chilled over ice, with a sliver of fresh orange and a sprig of rosemary.


“The Chandon Garden Spritz is a natural extension of the pioneering spirit embedded in Chandon’s DNA since its founding in Argentina in 1959,” says Ana Paula Bartolucci, winemaker at Chandon Argentina and creator of the Chandon Garden Spritz. “We spent four years studying oranges as if they were wine grapes, and finally mastered a perfectly authentic, naturally delicious spritz.”

Made in Mendoza, Argentina, Chandon Garden Spritz was inspired by the Argentinian taste for the moreish bitter flavors of yerba maté and Fernet. Using zest and peels from 2.5 tons of local oranges, the resulting “Garden liqueur” is then blended with chardonnay, pinot noir and Semillon grapes from the Chandon estate.

Chandon Garden Spritz is ideally chilled over ice with a sliver of fresh orange and a sprig of rosemary.

Sustainability remains at the forefront of all of Chandon’s sparkling winemaking, the company says. The Valencia oranges for this new product come from a pesticide-free, sustainable family farm in Entre Rios, northeastern Argentina. Additionally, Chandon Garden Spritz was made with no artificial flavors or colorants. All the juice extracted from the oranges was distributed to four nearby schools, serving more than 300 children in the local community during the peeling season, the company says. Five tons of orange waste — including seeds, peels and pulp — became compost in Chandon’s sustainably farmed vineyards. 

Chandon Garden Spritz is available on the shelves of retailers nationwide for a suggested price of $20.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

The company last year unveiled new branding for the first time in six decades.


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