New Riff Distilling Unveils 6-year-old Malted Rye Whiskey

New Riff 6-year-old Malted Rye Whiskey
New Riff 6-year-old Malted Rye Whiskey.

New Riff Distilling has announced a new addition to its spirits portfolio, New Riff Malted Rye Whiskey, bottled in bond without chill filtration.

This expression contains 100% malted rye grain, distilled in December 2014, and aged six years. Malted rye undergoes the malting process, during which grain is moistened and begins to germinate, creating enzymes in the seed that convert starches to sugars. Nearly any grain can be malted, but barley is the most common, as the process can alter and refine whiskey flavor. 

“Our Malted Rye presents plenty of spice, but in a much more sophisticated fashion than the intensity of typical rye whiskeys,” says New Riff Co-founder Jay Erisman. “We think of it as a malted whiskey first and a rye whiskey second. It’s elegant — graceful, even.” 

“We thought if rye whiskey is spicy, maybe malted rye would be super spicy — but that’s not how it turned out at all,” he adds. “The typically spicy flavor of the rye becomes polished, refined and subtle.”

On the nose, this whiskey displays floral fruits, powdered sugar, oak and vanilla fruits like plum skin and pear, the company reports. The palate has spices, saltwater taffy, fruits, clove and a toasty-malty note. The finish is “focused spice with clove and pink peppercorn, elegant and refined,” Erisman says.


New Riff Malted Rye Whiskey initially releases in Kentucky, followed by wider distribution by the end of 2021. The suggested retail price is $59.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

This follows releases from the distillery including the Backsetter peat-smoked whiskeys, and 2020 Winter Whiskey.


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