Osmosis Wine

Osmosis Wine sauvignon blanc
Osmosis Wine.

Osmosis, a new brand by Vino del Sol and co-winemaker Martina Galeano, is a “better-for-you” wine.

Osmosis is low alcohol, zero sugar, low calorie and created with sustainably farmed grapes from vineyards in Argentina.

Launching this July, Osmosis begins with a sauvignon blanc.

As health-conscious consumers seek out sustainable brands across the wine category and a more balanced lifestyle, Osmosis is 9% ABV and no more than 85 calories per five-oz. pour.

“Our vision has always been to create a great tasting wine that is less calories and less alcohol,” says Vino del Sol President and Co-Founder Matt Hedges. “It took us a while to perfect, but now our combination of strategic picking of the highest quality grapes with an unprecedented wine making process creates a wine that delivers 100% flavor.” 


Hedges and Galeano use grapes from sustainably farmed, estate-grown vineyards in Alto Agrelo, Mendoza. The vineyard’s high altitude lends itself to bright acidity and concentrated flavor that results in a full body wine even after alcohol has been removed, the company says.

The grapes, hand-picked and double sorted, are strategically harvested on three separate days to produce a more complex flavor that incorporates bright acidity with citrus and tropical notes, the company adds. “Our pneumatic press uses a special nitrogen component to capture and enhance the fruit flavors and aromatics.” Each harvest is fermented in separate tanks, then blended together for the perfect balance and aged on the lees for extra body.

The wine maintains flavor and freshness being kept in stainless steel tanks and bottled on demand throughout the year.

Osmosis is gluten-free and vegan. The sauvignon blanc is naturally dry with zero sugar, with the perception of sweetness from pineapple flavors of the latest harvest, the company reports. The wine is pale yellow in color with additional flavors of grapefruit as well as floral and grassy hints. The wine’s acidity is balanced with a creaminess from the lees-aging process.

Osmosis launches this July with the sauvignon blanc for a suggested retail price of $14.99 per 750-ml. bottle.  A red blend will come later.


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