BeatBox Beverages Cranberry Dreams

BeatBox Beverages Cranberry Dreams Doggface208 wine box launch produc collaboration collab
BeatBox Beverages has launched their newest flavor, Cranberry Dreams, in partnership with social media star, Doggface208.

BeatBox Beverages has announced Cranberry Dreams, a limited-release addition to their 11.1%-ABV Party Punch line, developed in collaboration with Nathan Apodaca, better known as Doggface208.

The virally famous social media personality, who skated onto the scene in the fall of 2020 and now has over 10 million social media followers, has partnered with the BeatBox Beverages team to create Cranberry Dreams, available on shelves late June.

“To be involved with BeatBox is something like beyond words can express,” says Nathan a.k.a. Doggface. “Cranberry Dreams and the overall vibe of the brand is gonna make this the drink of the summer! My fans can’t wait to taste it.”

“A cornerstone of our growth strategy in 2021 and into 2022 is to continue to launch exciting new flavors like Cranberry Dreams in collaboration with large influencers and celebrities like Doggface,” says Zech Francis, an early investor in BeatBox who is now head of partnerships and business development. “When you combine a celebrity’s network of millions of followers with our current retail distribution in over 20,000 stores, we are able to fast-track new product launches in an unprecedented way that significantly accelerate our overall revenue.

“Now more than ever it’s imperative to combine what’s happening online with real in-person products and experiences,” adds Francis.


The announcement of Cranberry Dreams follows news that BeatBox is now the fastest-selling U.S. wine and Ready-To-Drink cocktail brand. Year-to-date, BeatBox sales are up over 134%, the company says.

“Over the first four months of 2021, Beatbox has experienced an unprecedented demand from wholesalers, retailers and consumers alike, driven by our digital marketing team building brand awareness with content that is quickly connecting with our target audience,” says Tony Zangara, VP of sales. “Our store locator visits have more than quadrupled in the last 90 days. This is a key metric we track and indicates the demand we are seeing and correlates to our revenue and volume growth.”

The partnership with Doggface is a first of its kind for BeatBox.

“Unlike a typical endorsement deal, Nathan played a heavy role in the inspiration for Cranberry Dreams,” says Brad Schultz, BeatBox Beverages co-founder and CMO.. The connection he has to millions of fans is special, and we’re excited to work alongside him to roll this out in fun and unexpected ways.”

BeatBox has made a significant strategy shift towards digital marketing over the past year.

“We were unable to reach the consumers who expect BeatBox at their favorite festivals and have grown to connect that community experience with our brand,” says Vice President of Marketing Hanna Swanson.

Instead, the BeatBox team encouraged their community of fans to review and share the product on social media, an effort that has grown store locator searches over 400% year-to-date, the company says.

“Bringing people together is central to everything we do at BeatBox, so collaborating with Nathan is a natural fit,” Swanson says. “His spirit has been a bright spot during a year when positivity was sorely needed, and we’re looking forward to bringing Cranberry Dreams to festival grounds very soon.”

Cranberry Dreams rolls out to shelves nationwide starting late June, and will be available to purchase online in early July. The newest party punch releases in a 500-ml. single-serve resealable Tetra Pak.

Each Party Punch tetra has 11.1% ABV, 130 calories and 8 g of sugar per 5.6-oz serving. They retail for a suggested price of $3.99 per 500-ml. pak.

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