BuzzBallz Chili Mango

BuzzBallz Chili Mango cocktail cocktails rtd rtds ready to drink
BuzzBallz Chili Mango

The Growth Brand Awards-winning brand BuzzBallz/Southern Champion has added a new cocktail to their ready-to-drink line: BuzzBallz Chili Mango.

This cocktail tastes like mango with a hint of jalapeño, giving it spice without being too hot, the company says.

National Vice President of Sales Blair Casey feels that this flavor differs from their traditional flavors, as it combines a sweet and spicy taste into one sip. BuzzBallz Cocktails’ core flavors include Tequila ‘Rita, Choc Tease and Horchata.


“I believe [Chili Mango] gives the BuzzBallz portfolio a different style of cocktail, and consumers today are always looking for something new and exciting,” Casey says. “Chili Mango fits that niche.”

The cocktail pairs well with citrus, as well as savory and smoky foods, the company reports. It is also a match made for grilled vegetables, sweet relishes and savory tacos.


Founder and CEO Merrilee Kick shares the inspiration behind the chili mango flavor. “We love mango, and we love spice in Texas,” Kick says. “We developed that flavor a year ago, and it is just now entering the market.”

The flavor is currently being tested in California and Texas markets, with expectations for national distribution.


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