Don Julio Unveils Ultima Reserva Extra Añejo Tequila

Tequila Don Julio Ultima Reserva Extra Añejo anejo ultimate reserve
Tequila Don Julio Ultima Reserva Extra Añejo.

The latest release from Don Julio is their Ultima Reserva extra añejo tequila.

The brand began when Don Julio González began making tequila in 1942. In celebration of the brand’s upcoming 80th anniversary in 2022, Don Julio has announced Ultima Reserva.

As a tribute to Don Julio González, this final agave harvest was set aside for this special distillation. Only 4,000 cases of Tequila Don Julio Ultima Reserva will release this year. Limited quantities of the tequila will continue rolling out each year until it reaches the end of this final agave harvest.


Adorning the bottle are piña-inspired designs, from the etched cap to the faceted base.

“When Don Julio González first embarked on his tequila-making journey, he crafted a special private reserve that was meant to be shared with his close family and friends,” says Christina Choi, SVP of tequila, Diageo North America. “We are proud to carry on his legacy with the release of Tequila Don Julio Ultima Reserva, an offering that honors 80 years of devotion with a liquid meant to be enjoyed exactly as Don Julio intended — celebrating with those closest to you.”


Tequila Don Julio Ultima Reserva aged in bourbon barrels before finishing in seasoned Madeira wine casks. The spirit underwent the Solera aging method, which combines and matures tequilas of different ages and characteristics.

The result is a tequila with a nose of toasted oak and caramel, the company reports, followed by hints of apricot and orange, and a finish with honeyed agave.

Available in extremely limited quantities, Tequila Don Julio Ultima Reserva has a suggested retail price of $399 per 750-ml. bottle.


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