Wild Turkey Unveils Master’s Keep One Bourbon

Wild Turkey Bourbon Hunting Season 2021 continues with Wild Turkey's recent release of Master’s Keep One bourbon whiskey buy find price age aging notes flavors review
Wild Turkey Master’s Keep One bourbon whiskey.

Bourbon Hunting Season 2021 continues with recent release of Wild Turkey Master’s Keep One bourbon whiskey.

This is the sixth limited-edition bottle in this series.

The line began with Master’s Keep 17 Year Old in 2015, and included last year’s Master’s Keep Bottled in Bond.


Bourbons used in this release aged between eight and ten years. Master’s Keep One is 100.1 proof.

Notes of toasted and charred oak result in an aroma of sweet honey and brown spice, the company reports, with vanilla, butterscotch and caramel that evolve into a fresh and lingering toasted oak finish.


“Wild Turkey’s heritage was built on family values, a love for whiskey-making, and an endless search for bold flavors,” says Eddie Russell, Wild Turkey master distiller, who celebrated his 40th anniversary at the historic distillery this year. “Master’s Keep One honors the tools, techniques and tradition that my father handed down, and is a culmination of our shared love of bourbon. Jimmy instilled in me the most rewarding lessons for success in work and life — passion and discipline — and I’ll always be grateful to him for setting me on this path 40 years ago.”

Available nationwide, Master’s Keep One has a suggested retail price of $175 per 750-ml. bottle.

Master’s Keep One combines Jimmy’s love of mid-aged bourbons (eight to 10 years), the company says, with Eddie’s taste for characteristics that come with bourbons aged longer: a 14-year-old whiskey. Both whiskies come together for a second maturation using new oak barrels specially toasted and charred in one of Eddies favorite timber rickhouses, the company adds.

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