St Hildie’s Tincture Tonics

St Hildie’s Tincture Tonics
St Hildie’s Tincture Tonics.

Created by female founders Christine Peck (CEO), Meghan DeRoma (CCO) and Alexi Cashen (CRO), St Hildie’s Tincture Tonics is a canned cocktail with light alcohol, a splash of fizz, a spritz of real fruit juice and botanical tinctures made with adaptogenic and nootropic tinctures.

These are meant as function beverages that support mind, body and spirit, the company says.

Made with herbal tinctures made by soaking beneficial plants in alcohol to isolate and draw out the active ingredients, this plant-based beverage contains real ingredients and no added sugar. It has low ABV (5%), is low in calories and gluten-free.


“We want consumers to know what they are putting in their bodies and to understand the ingredients on the label,” says CEO Christine Peck. “It was important to us to create a beverage that allowed us to enjoy the pleasures of imbibing while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Every can of St Hildie’s has adaptogens, which help “regulate the effects of stress on your body and have other powers including boosting immunity, improving sleep and easing nervousness,” the company says. “Nootropics handle the cognitive function of your brain and improve focus.”


St Hildie’s three Tincture Tonics flavors include:

  • Guava Ginger: a blend of sweet guava, spicy ginger, pineapple and lemon balm extract.
  • Elderberry Hibiscus: a mix of elderberry and lime juices, laced with the extract of hibiscus flowers and a hint of pink Himalayan Sea salt.
  • Lemon Turmeric: a blend of zesty lemon, zippy ginger and turmeric spice.

St Hildie’s core team of wellness-focused female founders were brought together by family and friendship. Peck and Cashen have been friends for more than 20 years, while DeRoma and Peck are sisters–in-law. Collectively, Peck and DeRoma share decades of experience leading female-focused marketing, branding and advertising campaigns for CPG brands from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day to The Honest Company, the company says. As a veteran of the alcohol beverage industry, DeRoma has 20 years of experience across hospitality wholesale and global logistics.

The brand is named for St Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th-century mystic, dissenter of the patriarchy and the mother of plant medicine, the company says. Beyond her writings about botanicals as a path to wellness, she made art of her visions of the universe and composed music.

Now available in stores across California, consumers can purchase 4-packs of St Hildie’s in retailers and restaurants in Los Angeles (Erewhon, Rainbow Acres, and Butcher’s Daughter), San Francsico (Gus’s Community Market, The Epicurean Trader, K & L, Woodlands Market, Other Avenues Grocery Coop, Seventeenth & Noe Market, Ales Unlimited), Marin (Mill Valley Market, The Junction, Farmshop, Driver’s Market, Andy’s Market, Jolly King), Napa and Sonoma (Bottle Barn, Gary’s, Community Market, Sonoma’s Best, Wilibees).

St Hildie’s is also available for purchase online at


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