Brooklyn Brewery Introduces Nonalcoholic Beer Variety Pack

brooklyn brewery Special Effects Variety Pack beer na nonalcoholic non-alcoholic
Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects Variety Pack.

As the nonalcoholic beer category continues to gain steam, Brooklyn Brewery today announced the release of its new Special Effects Variety Pack — the first nationally distributed 0% ABV variety pack of its kind.

It’s available in select markets this fall before rolling out nationally beginning in January 2022.

The pack includes three cans each of the brewery’s previously released NA brews Hoppy, Amber and IPA, alongside newcomers and pack exclusives, Special Effects Pils and Special Effects Hazy IPA.


“We’ve seen this culture of trial and experimentation around all beverage consumers but especially those who are interested in the low/no alcohol space,” says Samantha Itzkovitz, VP of marketing at Brooklyn Brewery. “Our previous Special Effects releases, Hoppy Amber and IPA have out-performed our expectations, and year-to-date the brand family constitutes over 10% of our total sales for the Brewery.”

“The Special Effects Variety Pack allows us to showcase our growing non-alcoholic lineup and feeds the customer’s desire to sample and figure out what they like in their own time,” she adds.


Brooklyn Special Effects Variety Packs will reach all of the brewery’s 30-plus state footprint by early next year. They are also available to purchase directly through

“With Pilsner and Hazy IPA we hope to continue in our efforts to expand the style offerings available to consumers of NA beer,” says Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver. “The options in this category have been so limited for so long and we hope to add more styles to the lineup as we continue to sharpen our production process and develop new methods for NA brewing.”

The Variety Pack will also be available through an expanding distribution partnership and in-store program with Whole Foods.


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