Agavales Flavored Tequilas

Agavales Flavored Tequilas mexcor international

Mexcor International, a Houston-based importer and distributor of spirits and beverages, has announced that one of the company’s imported brands, Agavales, has launched new flavored tequilas.

These new flavors are: Spicy Cucumber, Blood Orange and Tropical Mango.

“Agavales has capitalized on the popularity of flavored tequilas by introducing three new flavors this month,” says Eduardo Morales, president and CEO of Mexcor International. “The tequila category continues to grow as new and exciting products from distilleries like Casa Maestri hit the market.”


Produced by Jalisco’s Casa Maestri, Agavales is small-batch, 100% Blue Agave Tequila, the company says. Products from the distillery include Agavales Premium Plata, Agavales Premium Reposado, Agavales Premium Añejo, Agavales Original Blanco, Agavales Original Reposado, Agavales Original Gold, Agavales 110 Proof, Agavales Sangrita, and most recently, Agavales Ready to Drink Margaritas, made with 100% de agave wine, cane sugar and real lime juice.

The new line of flavored tequilas are made with blanco tequila and natural flavors.


“The tequila sector is thriving as consumer demand continues to increase,” says Morales. “Mexcor International is proud to import and distribute such a high-quality brand like Agavales because it embodies our company’s mission to elevate and celebrate life.”


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