Bud Light Unveils Zero Carb Beer — Bud Light NEXT

Bud Light NEXT zero carb carbs no beer
Bud Light NEXT.

As low- and non-alc beers continue to gain momentum, Bud Light has launched Bud Light NEXT, its first-ever zero carb beer.

Nearly ten years in the making, Bud Light NEXT has 80 calories and is 4% ABV.

“As Bud Light enters 2022, we are pushing the beer category to new heights with the launch of Bud Light NEXT, our first-ever zero carb beer,” says Andy Goeler, VP of marketing, Bud Light. “Today’s consumers are all about breaking barriers, being trailblazers and setting their own path. We are proud to introduce this new super crisp beer which is brewed to meet their evolving taste preferences; it’s a truly symbolic innovation that celebrates the barrier breakers who like us embrace possibility.”


Along with this new launch, Bud Light announces its first-ever NFT project, “Bud Light N3XT Collection.”

The new collection features 12,722 unique tokens designed with color cues from Bud Light NEXT. For those who purchase an NFT as part of the project, they will have the chance to vote on Bud Light NEXT merchandise, have access to Bud Light NEXT brand and partner events and other opportunities. Bud Light NEXT NFTs are available to those 21+ beginning February 6 for $399 per token.


“As we usher in a new era of beer with the launch of Bud Light NEXT, we’re simultaneously seeing a revolutionary shift in the way brands engage with people on the internet,” says Corey Brown, sr. digital director for Bud Light. “Our NFT project celebrates this new era and those who similarly are breaking barriers in technology and creativity.”

In time for Super Bowl LVI, Bud Light NEXT rolls out nationwide wherever Bud Light is sold, beginning Feb. 7, 2022. 


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