Josephinenhutte Stemware Collection

The Josephine Collection

Josephinenhutte has launched a new glass collection designed by Kurt Josef Zalto.

Josephinenhütte wine glasses are thin yet strong, meant to enhance the user’s sensory experience. Each Josephine glass is mouth-blown in Europe, formed as a single piece.

In 2019, the company revived the brand originally founded by Count Leopold von Schaffgotsch in 1842 and brought in glassmaker Kurt Josef Zalto as a partner.


“With Kurt Josef Zalto’s creativity and experience setting the pace, we have been able to honor the legacy of the original glassworks, while still presenting a glass that is modern and functional,” Meyer, one of three founders, shared, “Kurt Zalto’s work transcends craft: these glasses are a work of art.”

Josephinenhutte offers four styles of wine glass, as well as water glasses in a range of colors that includes greens, natural gray, aqua and violet.


For more information about Josephinenhütte please contact Norma Quinto


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