Faraday West Indies Rum

Faraday West Indies Rum has launched in select markets including New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. it is also available for purchase online at https://faradayrum.com/buy-online.

Faraday is a blend of three rums from the Caribbean:

  • A 5-year-aged, pot and column-stilled rum from Barbados
  • A 5-year-aged column-stilled ron from the Dominican Republic
  • A column-stilled rhum agricole from Martinique

“Our promise is that this is a unique rum like none you have tasted,” says Owen Hyland, founder. “It’s authentic, made by artisans who have been at it for a long time, and brought to you by someone who has a true appreciation and passion for the product.”  

According to the company, the rum first arrives on the palate with a citrus and grassy note, courtesy of the distinctly subtle rhum agricole from Martinique. It is followed by butterscotch and vanilla from the Spanish-style Dominican ron and finishes with an oak-charred whiskey flavor from the British-style Barbados rum.



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