Redhook Lagersquatch


Redhook has recently launched Lagersquatch, a lager influenced by Pacific Northwest style IPAs.

Jason Dodson, Brand Manager of Redhook Brewery said: “We’re very proud to put Redhook’s spin on an American lager by creating a smooth and flavorful new beer that combines traditional lager malts with hops and techniques that are more associated with PNW-style West Coast IPAs.”

Additionally, Redhook brewery teamed up with artist Dan Lehmen for the design. “When I took on the Lagersquatch project, I began the process by imagining how I could transform a character who has traditionally been somewhat menacing into a personality you’d want to hang out with at a backyard barbeque,” said Lehman. “This collaboration with Redhook created the opportunity to draw inspiration from the lore of Sasquatch and put a modern spin on the legendary figure. Various interpretations of the Lagersquatch character have been created and will be released throughout the PNW so customers can “hunt” for the Lagersquatch who wants to be found.”


More details about Lagersquatch can be found below:

  • MALT: Two Row, Munich
  • HOPS: Sterlin, Hallertau
  • ABV: 5.0%
  • AVAILABILITY: Select Stores across WA, OR, ID in 16-oz. cans.



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