Stellum Spirits Introduces Stellum Black Specialty Blends

Stellum Fibonacci Rye Blend one Equinox Blend black spirits 2022 bourbon whiskey
Stellum Fibonacci Rye Blend #1 and Stellum Equinox Blend #1.

Stellum Spirits today announced the launch of Stellum Black specialty blends. These ongoing releases will “incorporate rare barrels” to create limited-edition bourbons and ryes, the company says.

“Stellum Black specialty blends evoke the familiarity of two classic styles of American whiskey, taken one step further through our innovative blending and tasting process,” says Founder Joe Beatrice. “Each limited-release blend has an alternate blending profile that incorporates reserve barrels from our stocks with the original Stellum blend.”

Blending in steps and with smaller batches allows the team to utilize barrels or even just parts of barrels that are particularly unique while still having an influence on the character of the whiskey, the company says

The base for all Stellum Black specialty blends is a blend of Indiana bourbon/rye, which is then layered with older bourbons/ryes from Kentucky and Tennessee.

The first two limited-edition blends are:


Stellum Equinox Blend #1

This inaugural release of the Equinox Blend was created using Stellum Bourbon. The team layered in sets of bourbon barrels, step by step, until the evening of the Vernal Equinox, when the blend was completed in honor of the changing seasons and bottled at cask strength, 117.26 proof.

Stellum Fibonacci Rye Blend #1

This release celebrates the Fibonacci sequence, a series of numbers, each the sum of the two previous numbers. Six separate rye blends were combined in accordance with this sequence. Bottled at cask strength, 115.12 proof.

Both Stellum Equinox Blend #1 and Stellum Fibonacci Rye Blend #1 have a suggested retail price of $99 per 750-ml. bottle. They are now available at select retailers in 48 U.S. markets, and online via the Stellum website at

Stellum is a brand from Barrell Craft Spirits (BCS), known for their premium Barrell line.


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