Crystal Head Vodka ‘Paint Your Pride’ Bottle

Crystal Head Vodka 'Paint Your Pride' Bottle
Crystal Head Vodka 'Paint Your Pride' Bottle.

Crystal Head Vodka, known for its signature skull bottle, has launched its limited-edition “Paint Your Pride” bottle, in honor of Pride month in June.

The specialty Pride bottle displays a colorful, paint-splattered design against a white bottle.

The 2023 Pride bottle contains original Crystal Head Vodka made from Canadian corn, offering neutral grain aromas with a touch of citrus, the company says, plus a hint of sweetness and vanilla, ending with a sweet, creamy finish.


This spirit is sugar-free, gluten-free and seven times filtered.

“We’re ecstatic about the launch of the ‘Paint Your Pride’ bottle, utilizing art as a form of empowerment while inspiring social change and fostering community,” says Dan Aykroyd, Crystal Head Vodka founder, actor and musician. “Art is an essential tool of empowerment LGBTQ+ creators embrace as a means of positive visibility and proud, authentic self-representation. We’re thrilled that this bottle embodies these values quintessential to the Crystal Head brand and LGBTQ+ community.”  


Crystal Head Vodka is committed to supporting LGBTQ+ communities with continuous global efforts throughout the year. The brand uses its platform as a tool to educate, support and value its partnerships with LGBTQ+ communities around the world, such as Boston Globe Sip The Rainbow, Human Rights Campaign, Kaleidoscope Trust, Mid-South Pride and Test Positive Awareness Network (TPAN), among others.  

Launched in limited quantity, Crystal Head Vodka’s “Paint Your Pride” bottle is 750-ml. and available in select markets.


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