Tröegs Independent Brewing Hopora IPA

Tröegs Independent Brewing Hopora IPA
Tröegs Independent Brewing Hopora IPA.

Tröegs Independent Brewing has announced the release of Hopora, a new offering in the Pennsylvania brewery’s Hop Cycle series of rotating IPAs.

This new brew joins seasonals Field Study and Blizzard of Hops.

A tribute to the hop spirit for a bountiful crop, Hopora was designed to showcase the tropical fruit and citrus notes of Solero hops, the company says.


“I like to think Hopora captures the best of both IPA worlds: West Coast and hazy,” says Tröegs Brewmaster and Co-founding brother John Trogner. “It’s got just the right amount of bitterness that rolls into tropical aromas with notes of mango and passionfruit. Plus, it’s super tasty and the name is fun to say… HOPORA!!!”

Built on a backbone of pale malt, oats and wheat, Hopora IPA clocks in at 6.2% ABV. Citra and Chinook hops round out the hop bill with supporting notes of grapefruit rind and subtle pine, the brewery reports.


Like many of the Hershey, PA-based brewery’s recent beers, Hopora was developed through its 3-barrel “Scratch Lab” brewhouse and fermentation tanks.

“With the Scratch Lab, we can break up 15-barrel brews into smaller trials,” says Tröegs Brewing Manager Tim Mayhew. “It has allowed us to test things like dry-hop combinations and yeast strains side-by-side at a faster rate. We used to have to wait a few weeks between batches.”

Hopora IPA is available on draft as well as in 12-oz.bottles and cans everywhere Tröegs beer is sold. Beer drinkers can find this new IPA near them using the Tröegs Brew Finder.

Look for Hopora alongside three other Tröegs beers — Perpetual IPA, LolliHop Double IPA and Oktoberfest Lager — in the forthcoming Canthology Volume 3 variety pack.


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