Blue Moon Unveils Nonalc Variant

Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White beer nonalc no abv
Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White.

Blue Moon Brewing Co. plans to introduce a nonalcoholic version of its flagship beer later this year.

Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White is a Belgian-style wheat brew that comes as the nonalc segment continues to grow and consumers seek out more low- and no-alc options.

The new brew will launch in six packs of 12-oz. cans in time for Dry January.

“Blue Moon changed the way we think about beer, and it’s doing it again, this time in the nonalc segment,” says Jamie Wideman, VP of innovation for Molson Coors Beverage Company.

At under .5% alcohol by volume with 80 calories, Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White is brewed with the same Valencia orange peel as its alcoholic namesake. It will be available nationally.


“Consumers know and trust Blue Moon, they enjoy consistent quality and a subtle citrus taste each time they reach for a Blue Moon Belgian White. We are so proud to deliver that same unique experience in the non-alcoholic version,” Wideman says. “As the No. 1 craft brand in the U.S., Blue Moon has an opportunity to deliver a non-alcoholic craft brew from a brand that drinkers trust.”


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