Legent Launches Yamazaki Cask Finish Blend

Legent Yamazaki Cask Finish Blend bourbon whiskey
Suntory has launched Legent Yamazaki Cask Finish Blend, a limited-edition bourbon whiskey.

The House of Suntory has launched Legent Yamazaki Cask Finish Blend.

In addition to selections of bourbon aged in French oak wine casks and Spanish oak sherry casks, the blend also includes a selection of bourbon aged in Spanish oak sherry casks previously used to mature the company’s flagship Yamazaki Single Malt Japanese whisky.

Legent Yamazaki Cask Finish Blend starts as Kentucky straight bourbon made from American grain. After aging eight years in Kentucky, it traveled to Kyoto for finishing and blending at the Yamazaki Distillery.


The resulting 57% ABV blend has oaky warmth, smooth brightness, and a finish with hints of spice, the company says. It will be available for a limited time only online and at select locations in the U.S., Canada, Germany, and Global Travel Retail for a suggested retail price of $199.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Suntory Whisky and the establishment of Yamazaki Distillery. Legent Bourbon, launched in 2019, was the first innovation from Fred Noe, seventh-generation Master Distiller at the James B. Beam Distilling Co. and Shinji Fukuyo, fifth-generation Chief Blender of Suntory Whisky, and the first Kentucky straight bourbon to be blended with Japanese expertise.


Suntory acquired Beam in 2014.


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